Let’s reset the clock

2014, color film, 2’37 »

There is the space of what was and can no longer be and there is the space of memory. Between the two is a feeling of absence and, sometimes, of loss. 

“On va remettre les pendules à l’heure“(“Let’s Reset the Clock”) is a two-and-a-half minute color video that uses a split screen to put two characters – one alive, the other deceased – face to face.

The work aims is to recreate the utopia of a travel through time. Or rather, to recreate what Michel Foucault defined as a heteropia. It takes place in the space where the imagination resides, in the child’s playhouse where one can find one’s grandmother again. 

And it is indeed about a game. The artist is filmed while watching her lost grandmother, mimicking a connection that no longer exists and can only be found now through fiction. Yet even here the interaction does not always work. A mourning process is thus proposed: that of playing a broken game, of facing someone who can no longer by found, even through a trick.