I am a filmmaker and a doctor in Film Studies. At the crossroads of migration studies and art, my work is an exploration of visual forms to counter dominant representations of marginalized populations, particularly exiles from the African continent. My research focuses on all dimensions of exile: the political treatment or as the sense of self it elicits. In both cases, exile is understood as an absence from the world. At the political level, because of the invisibility to which those considered illegal are subjected. At the level of the perception of one’s own existence, because of the distance from oneself that the feeling of being neither from here nor elsewhere provides.
The images that I produces are affected by this double regime of absence. Forgotten, banned or repressed, they constitute the challenge of my work, whose leitmotif resides in these words of Nathalie Sarraute: « It is what escapes words that words must say ». For me, it is what escapes the images that the images must say. To confront it, my visual research alternates between investigation, film, performance or installation. In 2021, it has been selected for the Bold New Voices in Migration Research Conference at Harvard Immigration Initiative. I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Oxford Department of Politics and International Relations and a Visiting Researcher at Maison Française of Oxford.






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