I am a researcher and an artist based in Oxford. I have been granted a fully-funded Postgraduate Research Studentship by the School of Art, Media, and American Studies of the University of East Anglia. My Critical Ph.D. by Practice deals with representations of exile in the Mediterranean. In continuation with my Master at Sorbonne Université, my research is at the nexus between art and refugee studies. I am part of the editorial team for the section In Images of the De Facto popular scientific journal at CNRS – Institute Convergence Migrations.

My research actually relates to all exiles. Whether constrained by migratory regimes of invisibility or, in terms of intrinsic perception, experienced as a distance from oneself, my works consider exile as an absence from the world. However, the fabrication of images of exile is affected by this double regime of absence. Forgotten, banned or repressed these images are the challenge of my work. Or to make Nathalie Sarraute’s words mine: ‘It is what escapes the words that the words must say’: it is what escapes the images that the images must say. To confront it, my visual research alternates between investigation, film, performance or installation.

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