What they have brought

2013, video installation, loop of 2’47’’

In my films, video installations and performances, I attempt to depict my family past through these images and/or objects to shape my own European and North African identity. In this video installation, I shoot four objects which belonged to my family: a gold medal, a camera, a set of cocktail glasses and the braid of my mother when she was a little girl.

The objects as I perceive them now are both shown nowadays within digital videos and as images extracted from Double 8 movies shot in the late 1950’s by my grandfather. Here, the use of split screens allows me to set up a dialogue between two natures of images: the objects as I know them in the present time and as I imagine them in the past. Through this device, objects are transformed into fossil evidence of a family past.

Video screened for Nuit Blanche Paris, 2013