By a Thread

2019, video (length: 15 min.), embroidered fabric, document.
Voice­over: Mohammad Alomayjan
Sound: Victor Lisinski

The installation By a Thread aims to connect past and current migrations generated by war. Today’s European Dublin regulations imply that asylum applications should be evaluated in the country first entered, not in the country of destination, which lead thousands of refugees to burn their fingers.

Taken as a prisoner of war by the German forces during World War II in the East of France and brought to a prisoners camp along the Oder­Neisse border, my grandfather owed his survival to his profession: he was a tailor and had to sew uniforms, which was a relatively comfortable job. He managed to escape with the help of the French resistance.

The archive document displayed in the installation witnesses the official act of demobilisation produced by the French Army after June 1940’s armistice. Reproduced by an embroidery machine, his fingerprints are shown both within an embroidery and in a video recounting the work of the machine.